Support Connection Director Cancels Spring Event, Fundraisers, Asks for Donations to help

To all of our friends and supporters,
The other day you received a note from Barbara Cervoni, our Director of Services and Communication. She assured you that, while we are altering the way we deliver services during this crisis, our counselors are still here for those who rely on us - to offer support, information and guidance over the phone and via the internet. We are committed to being here for every person who needs us.
As terrible as COVID-19 is, the harsh reality is that breast and ovarian cancer still exist…. for those already diagnosed and those yet to be diagnosed. At a time when people are asked to limit their contact with others, our services are needed more than ever. Our Peer Counselors are hard at work addressing the fears, anxieties and uncertainties that the people who turn to us are experiencing.
Support Connection is facing a great challenge at this time, and I need your help to get through it.
Spring is always busy time for us. It's when we normally host our 2nd largest fundraiser of the year, our Spring Benefit. In addition this year, several groups had planned spring fundraising events our behalf.
Unfortunately, all of these events, including the Spring Benefit, must now be postponed. To add to this challenge we've had to temporarily close Fantastic Finds, our upscale resale shop, which provides a steady stream of revenue to help fund our services.
But even though revenue from fundraising events will be postponed, and revenue for the store is lost while it's closed, we must pay our bills.
With humility and gratitude, I am asking you to help us as we weather this storm.

if you are in a position to make a donation to Support Connection to lend a hand, your contribution will be a tremendous help during this difficult time.
There is no such thing as a small donation!
Every donation, no matter the amount, will go directly to help. Click here to Donate Online.
Or, you can send a check. Make it out to Support Connection and send to:
Support Connection, Inc., 40 Triangle Center, Suite 100, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
For nearly 25 years, Support Connection has been an anchor for so many. It is donors like you that have given generously so that no one dealing with breast or ovarian cancer is alone. I am confident that, with your help, we will get through this crisis and come out stronger than ever before.
With deepest gratitude,
Katherine Quinn
Executive Director
Support Connection, Inc.


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