Brewster Education Foundation Technology Challenge

The President of the Brewster Education Foundation, Alberta Kozma, is asking for help from the general public with their Technology Challenge. Mr. Timothy Wallach has graciously offered to match donations up tp $5.000 dollars by March 31st.

Mrs. Kozma today issued the following letter to the Community through the Brewster Central School District regarding the challenge:

Dear Brewster Friends and Community,

This is the moment to make your impact on our Brewster students.

Over time, but especially over the last twelve months, we’ve seen technology connect children to

their teachers and to their education. While it hasn’t always been an easy ride, their virtual
learning has been a resource to keep them challenged and safe at the same time. Because of their
age and nonstop usage, many devices in our school system are burdened and outdated.

The critical importance of our district-wide technology is why Timothy Wallach is challenging
you to double your impact right now through a $5,000 matching donation. Mr. Wallach is generously committing to a multi-year $25,000 gift to sponsor new equipment if we can match this $5,000 by March 31st. We’re off to a good start, but with $2,300 to go, the pressure is on.

Throughout the history of the Brewster Education Foundation, we’ve seen this community stand
up for its children time and time again. You’ve proven that you understand just how significant it
is that every student has access to the same technology, so that they have an equal opportunity to enter the world equipped to take on whatever comes their way.

We’re asking you to join us in accepting Mr. Wallach’s challenge. We thank you in advance for
helping us meet this goal.


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