Help Shelter in Brewster Provide Homeless a Warm Place this Winter

BESP (Brewster Emergency Shelter Partnership) started over 10 years ago to prevent homeless people from dying frozen in the local woods. BESP guests meet near the 52 Main St covered area and are screened (for drugs and alcohol) by the BESP Supervisor and are then escorted to the host church. Four churches in walking distance of the train station rotate hosting sites and are supported by about 9 additional local 'sister' churches. The guests are offered a warm meal and a safe place to sleep overnight. In the morning they are offered a light breakfast and lunch on the days the Soup Kitchen is not open. 

Please consider volunteering or making a contribution to their efforts!

For additional information contact John Castle 845 705-5379  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here is information from their pamphlet:

The Congregations of the Brewster community have joined together in a partnership to provide safe sleeping during the coldest winter months for those who are in need. Congregations in the Partnership provide temporary sleeping sites for a week, evening meals, overnight hosts, and other support. The temporary shelters provide cots, bedding and sanitary supplies. Winter clothing is distributed, as available and needed. A paid supervisor is in charge and spends the night with the guests. Each Congregation that provides a sleeping site is represented by an overnight volunteer Host. The shelter provides an evening meal and light breakfast. Guests are screened by the supervisor; no person under the adverse influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted in the shelters. Congregations providing food and shelter include: The St. Lawrence O’Toole Catholic Church, First United Methodist Church, Brewster First Baptist Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Brewster Presbyterian Church, Croton Falls Presbyterian Church, St. Andrews Episcopal Church, and Gilead Presbyterian Church. Additional volunteer, financial and spiritual support has been provided by: Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Metro NY Synod, Holmes United Methodist Church, NOW United Methodist Churches- A Cooperative Parish, Church Youth Groups, The Harvey Foundation, The Donaldson Trust, Ann Anastazi Charitable Foundation, Lutheran Crusader Fund, Chuang Yen Monastery, North Salem Dental, Mahopac Library staff, Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troops, And other Youth Groups, Local Rotary Clubs, and other organizations.



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