Support the Putnam County Children’s Committee as it Celebrates 100 Years of Helping Local Children in Need

Don’t know us? Understandable if you don’t. We’re ordinarily a quiet group but this year—a banner year for us—we’ve decided to step into the social spotlight.

The Putnam County Children’s Committee (the original PCCC) is a locally based nonprofit [501(c) (3)] that was founded in 1918 and has been in continuous operation for the last century. Before there were social welfare laws in New York, several concerned local citizens recognized the needs of children and struggling families here in Putnam, and so organized a countywide committee to provide aid. What our founders began, our all-volunteer Board carries on today. The PCCC was recently presented Putnam Community Service Network’s (PCSN) 2018 Distinguished Service Award for non-profit organizations.

Here’s what PCCC offers:

1) FINANCIAL AID: We offer assistance for health, education and/or welfare for children in our county. When other sources of help have been exhausted, we are the safety net for children. PCCC steps in to provide: emergency aid for clothing and necessities in the form of gift cards from Putnam County merchants; payment for safe after-school, recreation, and camp programs; monies toward extraordinary medical care; and more.

2) FOSTER CARE SUPPORT: Each Putnam County foster child receives a monthly allowance for personal expenses, a birthday check, and a check for December holidays. For privacy, these monies are distributed by caseworkers of the Putnam County Department of Social Services.

3) SCHOLARSHIPS: Annually, we contact high schools that service Putnam County residents. Priority is given to the financial need of the student, with consideration of academic achievement, extracurricular activities and community service. Scholarships are awarded in varying amounts.

Here’s how we do it:

Every cent raised by PCCC goes to the children and the above-mentioned services. 100%! The Committee members pay every expense out of their own pockets, not the Committee coffer. And, all monies raised here in Putnam are used here, to help our friends and neighbors in need. No child should suffer. No family should struggle to provide. It happens, but for the past 100 years, the PCCC has eased that burden.

Here’s how you can help us celebrate:

1) Our primary fundraising is a once-a-year mail campaign, but we work tirelessly all year long to provide these services. If you receive a letter in the mail, we ask that you please give, even a little, as we know that every donation counts.

2) We accept donations via the classic mail route: PCCC, P.O. Box 187, Carmel, NY 10512.

Your gift is tax exempt for federal income tax purposes. We gladly welcome matching grants from employers.

3) We accept requests made by social workers, school personnel, recreation directors, pastors, and families. If you or someone you know could use our services, contact us by mail at the address above. Every request is considered individually and is verified and reviewed prior to approval.

4) Consider volunteering your time (and some pocket expense) to be on our committee. We are small—and usually quiet—but mighty.

Now that we’ve been more properly introduced, we of the Putnam County Children’s Committee hope that you will help celebrate our first 100 years of accomplishments with your donation, and continue to support us our next 100!


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