Brewster High School Gaming Club Creates Miniature D Day Display

In honor of the 75th anniversary of D Day, Brewster High School’s gaming club had an incredible miniature replica of the Allied invasion forces that landed in Normandy on display in the ILC.

Thanks to a $500 grant from the Historical Miniature Gaming Society, students were able to order paints and books to research the historic invasion. Over the course of about a month, they added grasses and touched up paint jobs on boards provided by social studies teacher and advisor Tom Mullane. They finished painting some of the soldiers on display and did research on the different military divisions that participated in the events on D Day.

Students also played games with the display.

“They’ve been playing games with it all year,” Mullane explained. “There’s a whole set of rules. There are missions for them to play and they have to do research before they do it.”

Mullane and social worker Erin Alvarez hope to bring back the gaming club next year.

“There used to be a gaming club years ago,” Mullane said. “I would run games in the library, teach kids how to play board games, play Dungeons and Dragons. I ended up with 50 to 60 kids in the group and it got too big to run on my own.”

The goal for next year is to bring back the full club with board games and more.

“It’s a nice, low-key way for kids to meet people and do something fun without the pressure of performing in any way. It gives them a place to hang out and do something that isn’t super structured.”

  • Scenery Designers (rebuilt, repainted, and added  textures and terrain features to boards): Sam Carpentino, Gian Cercena, Joe Bednarczuk, Alek Reichelt
  • Painters: Steven Santamorena, Paulo Constantino, Andrew DiFabbio, Joe Bodnarchuk, Sam Carpentino, Alek Reichelt, Malcolm Nordquist, Gian Cercena
  • Suppliers of miniatures:
  • German Infantry and Armor: Malcolm Nordquist and Tom Mullane
  • American Infantry: Steven Santamorena and Rod Puente
  • British Infantry and Armor: Tom Mullane
  • Fortifications and Beach Boards: Rod Puente and Ordo Ineptus Gaming Club
  • Trees, hills, houses, roads, and hedges: BF Miniatures, Sarissa Precision, Adventure Time Games
  • Display Boards (desert war, ruined city, French countryside): Tom Mullane


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