Vegan Curious Plant based Eating meetup

Showing people about healthier eating and living a healthier lifestyle - for the body temple, for the planet Earth. There’s so much confusion and misleading information out there about the healthiest way to fuel our bodies. Part of my mission in 2002 when I started this private practice was to encourage people to eat more Whole Plant Foods. I do this every day and have learned a lot since then. If you want to learn more about how or why to do this or offer your own lessons / stories tips and tools, I welcome you to join in this relaxed/friendly conversation at my office once a month for an informal meet up. I will offer info and plant-based smoothies and vegan chewable gummies by Juice Plus. It’s FREE. Bring your favorite dish if you want to, no pressure and feel free to bring a friend. Do please rsvp to the number listed below..

Wholistic Physical Therapy is located at 

1591 Route 22 
Brewster, NY 10509


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