Workshop: Why Creativity & Innovation Are Key for SMBs Right Now [+ beyond]

Join us for a chat about innovative ways we see businesses succeeding right now. We’ll dive into creative opportunities for SMBs today—let’s explore what’s possible and what we see working across a variety of industries. 

With a combined 30 years of experience in digital marketing, Nicole and Christine will take you behind the scenes at Hudson Fusion for a glimpse at our strategic approach and the amazing ideas driving results for clients. See you there.

Why Creativity & Innovation Are Key for SMBs Right Now [+ beyond]

DATE: Wednesday May 27th, 2020 

TIME: 6:30 - 8:00pm via Zoom

RSVP: www.professionalwomenofwestchester.com 

Cost $10


Nicole Wallach

Nicole is the quick-thinking authority leading Hudson Fusion’s marketing department. She combines cutting-edge insight and innovative strategy to explore the road less traveled for both internal and external operations. Nicole’s marketing, partnership, and brand management experience spans a wide range of industries, including lifestyle, healthcare & pharma, software & IT, and industrials & manufacturing. She specializes in learning the ins and outs of every industry, finding unique opportunities for clients to stand out from the competition. Nicole provides leadership for our team to establish brand authority, accelerate business growth, and achieve sales & marketing goals for both our agency and our clients.


Christine Baldelli

Christine is a true client advocate, leveraging insight and data to empower Hudson Fusion's clients to make business decisions that drive growth. She thrives on collaboration, bringing Hudson Fusion’s creative, technical and strategic talent together to elevate brands and meet—and exceed—client goals. Her entrepreneurial approach brings innovation and enthusiasm to every engagement, nurturing relationships and successfully guiding teams to success. With an extensive background working on projects for large global brands, as well as local businesses and not-for-profit organizations, Christine has almost two decades of experience in digital marketing and holds a Master's degree in Digital Imaging & Design from New York University.  


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