Schoolhouse Theater Zoom Reading of 'Blithe Spirit' Saturday, August 6th at 3pm.

The Schoolhouse Theater
Blithe Spirit
in a
Zoom Matinee Saturday @ 3pm
Ectoplasm, transubstantiation, poltergeists?
If you need a manifestation, we’ve got just the man
…Noel Coward!
Hoping for material for a new book, skeptical novelist Charles Condomine invites to his home for a séance, 
self-proclaimed medium Madame Arcati (gloriously immortalized by Margaret Rutherford in David Lean’s 
sleek movie…). Reportedly written in 4 days…
“The Master” -Noel Coward- outdid himself with
the iconic Madame Arcati who conjures up
the ghost of Charles Condomine’s first wife
Elvira… His life and home are quickly turned 
into a shambles as the ethereal Elvira torments
both himself and his new bride, Ruth…
Elegance, wit and the afterlife served up 
with dry martinis and a classic Coward
ménage a trois…
Come see our dazzling Pandemic Players!
Curtain going up at 3pm
Meeting ID: 867 9293 7601


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