Lockdown 'Drill' Currently Underway At Brewster Schools

A lockdown drill is being conducted across all school district facilities. THIS IS ONLY A DRILL! This is part of our ongoing preparation and planning to ensure that everyone is kept safe in the event of an actual emergency. During this time, students and teachers practice the BEARS protocol which helps them in responding appropriately in their given situation.


The District has taken significant steps over the past several years to upgrade and implement improved security measures throughout all of our schools. When a lockdown is triggered in the any one of our buildings:
- All exterior doors in all buildings lock
- Public Address and Voice-Over IP phones announce that the building is in lockdown
- The 911 call center and Sheriff’s Department are automatically notified

Please note that the 2020-21 drills will be instructional only. Students and staff will maintain Social Distancing and will NOT be required to move into lockdown positions.

The safety of our students and staff are of the utmost importance to us!


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