THE Entrepreneur Coaching Program That Gives Play by Play Instructions

Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of work, and sometimes you can feel like you’re doing it all by yourself.
There’s a coaching group I’m part of that has really helped me out. Chas Wilson put it together -- you might have heard of him. He’s the CEO of Master Networks and the author of Five Plus One: The Entrepreneur’s Formula for Success. 
The program is called Five Plus One Mastery
It’s more than coaching -- everyone involved, including Chas himself, is an entrepreneur working on improving their business skills until they master them. 
The coaching groups are kept small -- they’re capped at 51 people -- and they become a community through the weekly coaching calls and the Facebook group. 
It’s amazing to talk to these people who know EXACTLY what I’m going through. We cheer each other on and push each other forward.
I encourage you to check it out. You can get more information here.
Come join me! Be part of our mastery team. There is definitely strength in numbers.


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