Regardless of what you are being faced with today - remember to laugh

Regardless of what you are being faced with today - remember to laugh. Finances, relationships, career and even your health. A 100-year old woman was recently interviewed and asked, “What is your secret to staying healthy and living to 100?” Her response was simple, “I always keep a positive attitude.”

Although you may be facing some challenging times, remember “this, too, shall pass.” It always does ~ even with money.

I remember a time when money had a real hold on me - it was a drug. If I had it I felt like my stuff didn’t stink - when

I didn’t have it, I felt like shit. What power I gave to it ~ I’ve learned that money comes and money goes.

BUT...if I don’t take care of ME (emotions, physical, and spiritual), doesn’t matter what’s in the bank account.

I have learned and accept TODAY, that I am a very wealthy woman - and it has NOTHING to do with money.

Accept where you are today, keep a healthy positive attitude and be prepared to receive an abundance of blessings - You gotta laugh!

CoachGlo is a Certified Life Coach with over 20 years experience in coaching women.

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