Putnam County Advises Taxpayers ... don't pay your tax bill....YET!

The Supervisors of the Town of Southeast and the Town of Carmel have notified property owners in their respective towns to not pay the tax bill received earlier this month from Putnam County, 

Tony Hay, the Town of Southeast Supervisor, posted the following message on the Town's Web site and Ken Schmitt, Carmel Supervisor, posted the same message on his Facebook Page earlier today:

"At this time do not pay the 2019-20 School Tax Bill that you received on or about September 1st 2019.

Putnam County advised the six Towns in PC that due to a file control error regarding various Veterans exemptions calculations, all property tax allocations on all of the tax bills that were mailed out are incorrect.

Putnam County is in the process of correcting the rolls and printing the new tax bills. ( the new bill will be printed on different color paper and will be marked “revised” )

The new partial payment date for this year will be on October 7th the Full payment date will be October 21st.

Those of you that have already paid your 2019-20 School taxes you will be refunded the difference between what you paid and what your actual tax bill should have been. There will be others that will be billed for any shortfall.

For those of you that have your property taxes escrowed through your mortgage payments Susan Tobacco, the Town of Southeast Tax Receiver, has already notified the lenders and the companies that process the property tax payments of the allocation/calculation errors in the 2019-20 School tax bills and that new bills are being processed and mailed out to them.

Please note that the file control error that created the property tax bill issue occurred at the County level. The County is working with the Towns to rectify the error."

Both Supervisor's expressed regret for any inconvenience the error may have caused and that the Towns are working with the County to correct the situation swiftly.


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