Thirty Nine Local Youth Named to SUNY New Paltz Dean's List for Fall 2019

SUNY New Paltz announces its Dean's List for the fall 2019 semester, a recognition for students who excel academically and earn at least a 3.3 grade-point average in a semester with a full-time course load.

The following New Paltz students made the Dean's List in fall '19:

Serena Acquisto of Brewster (10509)

Jenna Annunziato of Carmel (10512)

Megan Bernardo of Carmel (10512)

Justin Boswell of Patterson (12563)

Erin Byron of Carmel (10512)

Cloey Callahan of Brewster (10509)

Elena Champagne of Carmel (10512)

Nicholas Cullen of Brewster (10509)

Emily DeStefano of Carmel (10512)

Daniella Donis of Carmel (10512)

Emily Fego of Brewster (10509)

Eric Feldhausen of Brewster (10509)

Damian Flash of Patterson (12563)

Noel Fontana of Carmel (10512)

Brandon Harnaga of Patterson (12563)

Claire Hoffner of Patterson (12563)

Christina Iamarino of Patterson (12563)

Zachary Klein of Carmel (10512)

Irene Kubenik of Brewster (10509)

Matthew Lewis of Carmel (10512)

Brittany Marasciulo-Rivera of Carmel (10512)

Brigitte McGrath of Carmel (10512)

Andrea McKee of Carmel (10512)

Tyler McMath of Carmel (10512)

Eric Migliaccio of Brewster (10509)

Matthew Morfea of Brewster (10509)

Olga Nenaydenko of Carmel (10512)

Danielle Pancho of Carmel (10512)

Caitlin Pastore of Brewster (10509)

Vishesh Patel of Carmel (10512)

Mckenzie Quinn of Brewster (10509)

Luke Rhoades of Patterson (12563)

Alyssa Rossano of Carmel (10512)

Matthew Ruggiero of Carmel (10512)

Brianna Russell of Carmel (10512)

Tara Severance of Patterson (12563)

Patricia Sibiga of Carmel (10512)

Megan Sugar of Carmel (10512)

Heidi Sunun of Brewster (10509)

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