Local Teen Publishes Autobiography Discussing the Trials of Life with Type 1 Diabetes

Morgan Panzierer is a 19-year-old resident of North Salem, a rising sophomore at Villanova University, and member of the school’s equestrian team. However, most recently, Panzierer has added “author” to her list of accomplishments as she has just released her first book, an autobiography titled “Actually I Can.” This book focuses on the trials and tribulations of living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), the misgivings people have about the disease, and also serves to share hope and heart to readers who also may be struggling with T1D. 

Inspired as a 7th grader by Ellen DeGeneres’ “Seriously...I’m Kidding,” Panzierer reflected, “I decided it might be fun to write about my experiences in the same upbeat and humorous way she did.” 

Through her own humorous writing, Panzierer wants to both share her personal story but also provide hope to “empower others living with Type 1 Diabetes” demonstrating that “this disease doesn’t hold them back if they don’t want it to.” Furthermore, “Actually I Can” combats preconceived notions upheld by society about T1D. For instance, Panzierer recalls people saying things along the lines of “you got diabetes from eating too much sugar” which not only is blatantly incorrect but she notes can also be offensive. 

After a year of writing, Panzierer shares that she hit a bit of writer’s block and eventually forgot about the book until her sophomore year of high school when she rediscovered it on her laptop. With three years worth of new experiences, she was able to add to her previous writings and share new struggles she had since faced but, once again, she got stuck. 

So, it wasn’t until her senior year of high school that she returned to her work – this time seeking assistance from a trusted English teacher. Panzierer says that she put a lot of faith in her teacher, hoping she would tell her “whether or not it was worth continuing.” Needless to say, she loved Panzierer’s work and became an integral part of the editing process. Once completed, Panzierer began to search for a publisher and eventually signed with Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing in November of 2019.

In terms of the publishing process, Panzierer recounts, “My experience of getting my book published as a young author was incredible. Going into it, I really had no idea what to expect, but I was ready to learn how to tackle such a huge undertaking. I was fortunate enough to sign with a publisher who was so committed to the visions I had for the book and supported me throughout the process. Some days I still can't believe it's out there!” 

The book was made available for purchase on June 9th. 

According to Panzierer, the goal of her autobiography is to help clarify all of the misconceptions that still live in our world today.  She  would like readers to grasp a deeper understanding of what it means to have T1D and to “comprehend how difficult Type 1 is to live with and understand what a toll it takes not only on our bodies but on our mental health as well.” For her readers who have T1D themselves, Panzierer states, “I want them to finish the book feeling like they can do anything people without T1D can do, and that they can use a disease like this one as an opportunity to make a change in the world.”

Finally, Panzierer shared that this book is truly for anyone, and she says, “Whether you have T1D or not, I really do believe that everyone can learn something from it in one way or another!” 

To purchase the book click here.


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