Brewster Schools Chromebook Policy Update

The Brewster school district was ahead of other districts throughout the state by being able to provide devices to all students and staff so that everyone could engage in Digital Distance Learning throughout these last few challenging months.  We already had a 1:1 program in grades 5-12 and we were able to quickly distribute chromebooks from carts to students in grades K-4. We also distributed 100 mobile hotspots to those in our community who did not have access to the internet and helped countless others get access to discounted internet services. This enabled us to provide equitable access to Digital Distance Learning for all Brewster families. 

Summer Access

To allow students to continue to take advantage of the many digital resources we have available through our Classlink Learning Portal, ALL students in Grades K-11 will be able to keep their devices and Mobile hotspots until we return in the fall.  We will continue to send out newsletters highlighting some of the resources available and allow opportunities for students to engage in fun and interactive activities throughout the summer. 

Chromebook Insurance

Two years ago, Brewster was able to provide families with low cost insurance for the devices that we send home with students by offering it through the district rather than through an insurance company.  However, we have seen a high rate of damage occurring recently - many from repeat offenders. In order to maintain the low cost premiums for everyone, we will be  instituting a $50 deductible on all repairs after the first one. 

There have been no charges for repairs done during the pandemic regardless of insurance and we will continue to do so throughout the summer, but all students who take devices home in the fall will be required to either purchase insurance or agree to pay for the repairs as they occur.  

Chromebook Filtering

As part of our commitment to keeping children safe while online, Brewster subscribes to internet filtering through Securly.  This blocks students from accessing inappropriate content on their Chromebooks and the Securly Parent Portal allows parents and guardians to limit access even further if they feel it necessary.  We respect your privacy so we want to be very clear that students accessing the internet on personal devices are not being filtered or monitored by the Brewster School District.  If they are on a laptop, desktop or mobile device that you have provided to them, their browsing will not be tracked and they will not be blocked from any inappropriate sites.

We strive to provide students and staff with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in changing and uncertain times and our policies and procedures will continue to evolve as the times change.  For more information on the Department of Technology and Innovation please check out our webpage at www.Brewsterschools.org/Technology


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