Forty Six Local Area Students Named to Dean's List At SUNY New Paltz

SUNY New Paltz announces its Dean's List for the spring 2020 semester, a recognition for students who excel academically and earn at least a 3.3 grade-point average in a semester with a full-time course load.

The following students made the spring 2020 Dean's List at SUNY New Paltz:

  • Serena Acquisto of Brewster
  • Joseph Bene of Carmel
  • Megan Bernardo of Carmel
  • Justin Boswell of Patterson
  • Maxwell Brosnihan of North Salem
  • Erin Byron of Carmel
  • Cloey Callahan of Brewster
  • Hailey Casamassima of Carmel
  • Elena Champagne of Carmel
  • Nicholas Cullen of Brewster 
  • Calyx Davis of North Salem
  • Michael DiNardi of Carmel
  • Daniella Donis of Carmel
  • Justine Economou of Carmel
  • Elliott Eminizer of Patterson
  • Emily Fego of Brewster
  • Noel Fontana of Carmel
  • Brandon Harnaga of Patterson
  • Kenneth Hauser of Patterson
  • Adrien Herrera of Brewster
  • Danielle Iannace of North Salem
  • Lukian Lyublinsky of North Salem
  • Brigitte McGrath of Carmel
  • Andrea McKee of Carmel
  • Eric Migliaccio of Brewster
  • Matthew Morfea of Brewster
  • Olga Nenaydenko of Carmel
  • Ian Oconnor of Carmel
  • Danielle Pancho of Carmel
  • Caitlin Pastore of Brewster
  • Vishesh Patel of Carmel
  • Dylan Pirone of Carmel
  • Hugo Ramirez Grijalba of Carmel
  • Luke Rhoades of Patterson
  • Nicholas Rockower of Carmel
  • Selena Roque of Carmel
  • Alyssa Rossano of Carmel
  • Jason Roy of Patterson
  • Matthew Ruggiero of Carmel
  • Patricia Sibiga of Carmel
  • Megan Sugar of Carmel
  • Heidi Sunun of Brewster
  • Destiny Sutter of Carmel
  • Jennine Turnure of Patterson
  • Avery Weiner of Brewster
  • Gavin Winkler of Patterson 

Located in the heart of a dynamic college town, ninety minutes from metropolitan New York City, the State University of New York at New Paltz is a highly selective college of about 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

One of the most well-regarded public colleges in the nation, New Paltz delivers an extraordinary number of majors in BusinessLiberal Arts & SciencesEngineeringFine & Performing Arts and Education.

New Paltz embraces its culture as a community where talented and independent minded people from around the world create close personal links with real scholars and artists who love to teach.


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