Perfect gift for that aspiring or growing business owner

Many entrepreneurs get a bit lost in the dangerous jungle of business. If only they were equipped with the critical tools and knowledge necessary for survival, they would increase their chances for success. In The Entrepreneurs’ Survival Guide Tina Campbell gives you the tools and mindset that will help you not just survive, but thrive, on the business landscape.

Tina explains, " I love the quote, 'Let fear be your compass. Go towards that which you fear, and it will open doors'. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to run toward their fear and take the leap. With the support of your sphere of influence and mentors, that leap does not have to be done alone. Work with others and through others to avoid many of the pitfalls that starting a business can open up. Be scared, but be brave."

"The Entrepreneurs' Survival Guide by Tina Campbell, is your map for finding the guidance you've always wanted to begin, and continue one of the most rewarding journeys of your life: the path to starting and successfully running your own business," states Rick Gabrielle, "Tina has the experience and tools to take you from just surviving all the way to thriving. She shares her own story, from shy to empowered, and her clear, easy to understand, then implement techniques will have you confident enough to uncover your own "Superpower" so you can put your own unique abilities to work to be your own boss. Grab your boots and backpack. Tina has your compass, so follow her and reach your peak."

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