BHS Student Realizes Talent

Senior Hubert Maliszewski–”D.J. Hubert”–is the Sports Announcer for Brewster High School and the crowds love him.

"Don't be going anywhere folks because we got more Varsity Lacrosse coming your way, WE KEEP IT ROLLINNNNNN"

“I am usually the type of person who doesn’t speak unless spoken to–I never thought I had it in me for such impact energy “said Maliszewski, “but when I announce, I get to be the star of the show and I love it. I am able to express my confident side.”

Maliszewski was discovered by Ann-Marie Chalmers, a monitor at BHS, at the NJROTC Military Ball. 

“I heard this fella announce the seniors to the dance floor. His personality was shining through on the microphone. He ignited me. I went over and asked him if he would announce at games and here we are. Hubert has a love of music and really loves announcing. I see a future DJ–we will hear him on the radio or a podcast.”

One game that stands out for Maliszewski is the boys senior night varsity basketball game last winter. It was a huge crowd. The energy in the gymnasium was electric.

“It was such a close game and the crowd was going crazy. I was announcing and even got to dancing. It’s how I ended up break dancing and doing the worm on the floor. Although we lost by one point, it was a lot of fun,” said Maliszewski 

And he has a plan for the future based on this recently realized talent. 

“I plan on going into the Marines, " said Maliszewski, “then I’ll go to college. At college, I’d like to study communications. After I graduate I’d like to become a full time sports announcer.”


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