Peter Pan Jr. Brings Magic to Brewster

This weekend’s production of Peter Pan Jr. by Seven Stars School of Performing Arts was adorably charming. The children delighted crowds with their enthusiasm and character portrayal.

Based off the classic Peter Pan tale, the show follows Wendy (Paige Marchand, Kayla Smith) and her brothers John and Michael (Andrew Smith and TJ Fink) on their journey to Neverland after they are visited by the famous boy Peter Pan (Sarah Shectman, Katie Grgecic). With the fairies trailing behind, led by cheeky Tinker Bell (Lauryn Ariola, Gabriella Dimas), the kids travel around Neverland where they run into pirates, the lost boys and the Indians. The Indians give them some trouble before granting mercy thanks to Tiger Lily (Emma Donovan, Emily Bruno). Featured singer and Chief Tiger Bamboo (Ariana Lopez, Hailley Vieira) elegantly performed the song Lost Boys by Ruth B. The kids, in conjunction with the messy lost boys, begin to appreciate Wendy’s presence, as she takes on the role of “mother.” They meet the alluring mermaids who dance and sing behind the ocean waves. The whole time, however, Peter and the kids are being followed by the pirates, who are looking to get revenge on Peter. Captain Hook (Mason Cipriani) and his accomplice Smee (Massimo Cartategui, Hayden DiTomaso) are shaken by the crocodile (Jordan Coates) who enters with the ticking of a clock. Hook is frightened at the crocodile since Peter made him lose his hand to it years ago. So in the end, Peter and the fairies save the kids from the pirates, Hook gets eaten by the crocodile, and the kids return home. The kids teach their strict parents, Mr and Mrs Darling (Mason Cipriani and Madison Vendel) about magic and faith and teach them how to fly like Peter and Tinker Bell.

The story was funny, whimsical, and adorable. The kids worked very hard on the production and they should be proud of their dedication. From the dancing to the humor to the superb singing, this production was a hit and their parents should be proud.

Photo Credit: Michele Mangini


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