Looking for something fun for your child?

The following Putnam 4-H Clubs are currently accepting NEW Members:

* Explorers 4-H Club: (ages 5-12) Take part in hands on outdoor enrichment including hiking, nature and insect and reptile study. Meets in Brewster area. Parent participation required.

* Trailblazers Shooting Sports 4-H Club: (ages 11 & up) Members take part in outdoor education and leadership, hiking and learn survival skills; Archery and 4-H Shooting Sports. Meets in Carmel/Kent area. Parent participation required.

* 4-H Media Productions: (ages 12-19) Learn how to use professional digital/video and computer editing equipment, including working with Comcast equipment. members will also learn theater production and interpersonal skills wile producing, directing and editing a variety of short educational or promotional videos. Meeting dates vary, meetings held in Brewster & Carmel.
* Dusty Stables 4-H Horse Club: (ages 5 & up) The members will learn about general horse care, barn management, equine science & more. No riding. They meet Friday evenings in Putnam Valley.

* STEM0516 4-H Club: (ages 9 & up) focus on experimental science. The members work together to generate a project. This year, they are perfecting their design to lift a small rocket by balloons into the atmosphere and then launch it. The goal is to see whether they can increase the maximum height the rocket can reach. Meets in Cold Spring.

* Tall Oaks 4-H Horse Club: (ages 9 & up) Members spend 90 minutes engaged in activities at the stable learning proper grooming techniques, stable management, general health & horse care. Known to improve confidence and self-esteem. The club meets bi-monthly on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:30 pm in Brewster.

* 4-H Teen Action Group (TAG): (ages 11 & up - County-wide) Learn leadership, citizenship, life skills, career development and public speaking. Meets bi-monthly on Monday from 6:15 to 8:15 pm in Carmel.

* PART of TAG - 4-H Face Painting Club: (ages 11 & up) Learn basic face painting as well as how to work with young children. You will provide face painting at a variety of community events. This is project driven. 1 or 2 trainings per year.