Special Brewster School Board Meeting Leaves More Questions than Answers

The Brewster Center School District Board of Education held a special meeting this evening November 2 at 5:30 PM in the Wells Middle School Auditorium. The meeting was held so the Board could accept the retirement of Brewster High School Assistant Principal Kieran Stack in order to move forward and begin the search for his replacement.

Several of the audience members questioned the reason for his retirement and why Mr. Stack would be paid his full salary and benefits through the end of the school year. Board president, Stephen Jambor, stated that Mr. Stack's reasons were personal in nature and he was not aware of any other reasons for the retirement. As far as Mr. Stack continuing to receive his salary, that was the settlement agreement between the board and Mr. Stack. Mr. Jambor was not at liberty to further discuss the matter until the district's legal counsel finalizes the settlement.

In addition, audience member questioned why Mr. Stack was able to retire at such a young age. The board responded that it was there understanding that Mr. Stack's retirement system allows him to retire at age 55 and after a certain number of years of service. 

Members of the public wanted to know if Stack's sudden retirement was in any way related to the recent arrest of ROTC instructor, Christopher Vlangas. The board was adamant that the two issues were not related in any way.

After almost an hour of discussion, the Board moved to close the meeting and go into Executive Session despite the fact that questions were left unanswered much to the dismay of the crowd.

Following the meeting, some of those in attendance discussed recent social media postings regarding Mr. Stack's actions and behavior while employed by School District. Some parents vowed to continue to question the board until they receive satisfactory answers to their questions.