Brewster School Board of Ed Releases Some Details on the Retirement of Kieran Stack

Statement from the Board of Education Regarding the Retirement of an Administrator

November 3, 2017

The Brewster Board of Education wishes to clarify some questions that have arisen regarding the retirement of Mr. Kieran Stack as Assistant Principal at the High School:

  • First and foremost, we wish to reiterate and emphasize that Mr. Stack’s retirement bears absolutely no connection to the events which led to either the arrest or termination from employment of Christopher Vlangas, naval science instructor in the NJROTC program.  

  • Mr. Stack’s separation from employment is in no way connected to any issue regarding the safety or welfare of children.

  • While Mr. Stack’s agreement to retire takes effect immediately, his actual retirement date will be June 30, 2018.

  • Mr. Stack will be expending his sick leave from now until January 1st.  The administrator's contract allows retired administrators to cash in sick leave upon retirement. By requiring an administrator to use his or her sick leave accumulated over his/her career, this reduces the payout that the District would be required to make upon the administrator’s retirement.

  • From January 1st until June 30th, he will be on paid leave from the District.  Mr. Stack’s paid leave came about as a result of negotiations between him and the District regarding the terms of his separation from employment.  It was determined by the Board that the terms of the separation agreement served the District’s best interests.

  • At the board meeting last night, the issue of due process rights afforded to tenured employees was raised, but not explained in detail. Tenured employees possess due process rights under New York State law, and those rights include:

  • the right to a hearing before an independent hearing officer if charges are brought with the average hearing lasting six months, exclusive of any appeal; and

  • the right to be paid continuously during any investigation or prior to a decision being made by a hearing officer if the investigation results in charges (unless the employee pleads guilty to or has been convicted of a felony for a drug related offense or child abuse).

We thank the public for its concerns and interest in the well being of the students and the operation of the District.