On the Children's Shelf: "Thanksgiving in the Woods" by Phyllis Alsdurf

The thought of celebrating Thanksgiving on a farm in upstate New York out in the woods sounds magical. Bonfires, candles, and tables full of food set the scene for this magical Thanksgiving in "Thanksgiving in the Woods" by Phyllis Alsdurf. This beautiful picture book is based on a true story. 
While I strongly dislike being cold, and normally would avoid being outside for hours in November, this book makes it sound magical ... and bonfires, food, and friends sounds so special. 
We often visit Acadia National Park and when I stand out there in nature, the feelings of gratitude are overwhelming. I feel grounded. I feel in awe of the natural beauty that exists in the world. I feel a connection to those who are there with me that is unique to that moment ... this bond in gratitude.
While I won't be moving our Thanksgiving dinner out to the woods of New England this year, I will make a point of going outside with my family, standing in the woods behind our house, and taking some time to truly be present.


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