Carmel High School's Production of "The Little Mermaid"

Carmel High School's annual musical production has done it once again! Even after backlash and controversy from community members over both the middle school AND the high school doing the same play, Carmel stood strong in its belief that the same title does not mean the same show. 

While the middle school's production was based off the Disney movie, the high school's version was through and through, Broadway inspired. From script to music to portrayals, Carmel High School's wondrous talent gave both friends, family, and critics a magnificent show clearly put up by professionally-driven aficionados.  

From an exquisite set design painted by the stage crew, to set changes were seamless and were at lightning speed, to even the school's pit orchestra performing with flawless technique that the music sounded like a studio recording. The Little Mermaid's iconic leads were played by more-than-perfect choices of actors and actresses. If there was one thing that anyone would critique was the fact that there weren't more shows to see it again! 

As mentioned before, our CHS Musical programs faced some hardships this year. Starting off with a show scheduled earlier than most previous years, students also had to face practice cancellations due to snow days and perilous roads. There is no doubt that the long hours the students put in during their plights were fast-paced and focused, and for a great cause! The kids put on such an impeccable show, it was almost as if the kids had gotten more practice time instead. 

This year, we say farewell to some town favorites and wish them all the best in college and their future careers. We will miss the consummate performances from Natalie Wright (Ariel), Samantha Altman (Ursula), Aidan Wilk (Prince Eric), Jovani Perez (Sebastian), Alex Tompkins (King Triton), Lena McKee (Flounder), Liz Pulley (Scuttle), Cameron Mackie (Grimsby), Ralph Barone (Pilot), Liam Tuffy (Windward), Kaylie Mallegol (Jetsam), Caitlin Krause (Princess/Merwoman), and Alicia Briley (Merwoman/Maid). 

Next year, we will miss the immensely talented pit members such as Hailey Baker (Viola), Carl Cate (Percussion), Jody Gordon (Clarinet), Alex Legeret (Trumpet), Justin Perez (Bass Clarinet), Jason Saljanin (Bass), Brian Stringer (Clarinet), Micheal Stringer (Micheal Stringer), Delaney Boyce (Flute), and Gabriel Harrison (Keyboard). 

Last but certainly not least, we sadly have to say goodbye to some efficient and iconic crew members such as Cat Fox, Jolie Siegel, Giavanna Lagana, Laura Avellino, Alicia Brancato, Mary Esposito, Sara Peterson, Stefanie Guggisberg, Luke Herrera, Ciarra Correa, and our amazing student director, Deanna Prekpalaj. 

Everyone involved with the Carmel High School Production of "The Little Mermaid" would like to thank everybody for your support and hopes you had just as much fun watching the show as they did putting it together!

- Chess Cabrera, Student Reporter

Photo Credit: Lori Hoffmann


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