Dance Dads Audition for Americas Got Talent

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Dance Dads Audition for Americas Got Talent

Dancing isn’t just for girls. Seven Star School has a group of Dads, who picked a charity, raised money and prepared a dance to compete in the Kids for Kids Dance Competition. For the past three years, these Dance Dads have learned a routine and performed at the competition.

While watching a group of older gentlemen audition for Britain’s Got Talent, John Sullivan said, “The Dance Dads could do that!” Shannon Sullivan went online, found the New York Auditions for Americas Got Talent show and signed them up.

The original 6-minute dance routine from the competition had to be cut down to 90 seconds. Seven Star School teacher, Miss Jaclyn Yarusso, worked with the dads to get them ready for the November 14, 2015 at Queens College in New York.

What were the results? We won’t know until January!

“I think we have a great chance,” Mauro Ruggeiro modestly states. “We have a great story and have a lot of fun with it. We are all in it for the same reason to be involved with our daughter's passion for dance and at the same time give back to those less fortunate in our community. We are thankful we had the opportunity to start this team at SSSPA.”  It has also created some great friendships between the Dads that help them get through the dance competition season!

For more information about the Kids for Kids Fundraising visit www.SevenStarSchool.com, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call (845) 278-0728.


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