Tips for Storing Firewood

Firewood is an important fuel for many homes during the cold weather season. No matter whether you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, it's important to carefully choose your firewood provider and how you store it to ensure that the wood burns nicely and efficiently.
1) The wood should be seasoned (for at least 6 months to dry out). 
2) It should be made up of only hardwoods such as oak, hickory and ash so that it burns longer and hotter.
3) Criss-cross the logs when stacking to help with stability and air flow. 
Six Diamonds Tree Services & Landscaping, Inc. supplies seasoned, hardwood firewood (while supplies last!). They offer discounts for 3 or more cords. Call for details and delivery (845) 878-7888.
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(845) 878-7888


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