USA Dance Team Tap Their Hearts Out in Germany

Back row (l-r)- Samantha Meir, Jillian McNamara, Katie Lorber, Brielle Wymbs, Jessica Lauro, Mackenna Beirne, Rachel BinneyFront row(l-r)- Danielle Garcia, Noelle Vitro, Madison Vendell, Emma Donovan, Sarah Shectman

When you take a “Time Step” with a little “Shim Sham” and finish it off with some “Wings” you get a feel for what twelve students performed 17 routines in December at the World Tap Dancing Championships in Riesa, Germany. The championships are held through The International Dance Organization, with more than 1,300 dancers representing 18 countries.

Proudly representing the USA Dance Team, these 12 girls -- who study dance at Seven Star School of Performing Arts in Brewster, N.Y. – competed in solo, duo, trio and group divisions. The choreographers included William Coates, Mike Minery, Anthony Morigerato, Sarah Reich, Alicia Monaco and dance school owner, Nicole Aravena.

The results included a World Tap Champion 2015 for Jillian McNamara in the Junior Solo division. Other results are as follows:


   Solos: Danielle Garcia 9th; Sarah Shectman 16th, Noelle Vitro 17th

   Duo: Noelle Vitro /Emma Donovan 5th

   Trio: Noelle Vitro /Emma Donovan/Danielle Garcia 4th

   Group: Noelle /Emma Donovan/Danielle Garcia/Sarah Shectman 4th


   Solos: Jillian McNamara 1st; Jessica Lauro 7th

   Duo: Jillian McNamara /Jessica Lauro 2nd, Brielle Wymbs /Katie Lorber 21st, Samantha Meir & Madison Vendell 22nd

   Trio: Jessica Lauro /Brielle Wymbs /Katie Lorber 13th


   Solo: Mackenna Beirne 5th, Rachel Binney 23rd

   Duo: Mackenna Beirne/Rachel Binney 8th,

   Trio: Mackenna Beirne/Rachel Binney / Jillian McNamara 7th

   Group: Mackenna Beirne/Rachel Binney / Jillian McNamara /Jessica Lauro 5th



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