Interview with Yoga in the Adirondacks at The Divine Acres

Yoga in the Adirondacks at The Divine Acres

“Where yoga embraces nature.”

“A Participant’s Interview”

   by Kathleen Troy

Good afternoon, I am Kathleen Troy from Second Spring Life Coaching and I am here with Rhodella Hughes from Yoga in the Adirondacks at The Divine Acres. I had the pleasure of participating in your first weekend retreat and had a fabulous time and I am very interested in knowing how this all transpired?...KT

Thank you Kathleen, I am excited to be here and to have you, one of our first participants at our “Spring into Summer” 2019 Retreat, interview me.

I am Rhodella Hughes. My husband, Patrick and I live in Somers, NY where we’ve raised our three children our youngest is now a junior in college. We would spend many weekends at our second home up in the Adirondack Mountains.

In raising our children it was important for Patrick and I to maintain and teach the core values and simplicity of life that we were fortunate to grow up with. I come from a long line of farmers and I lived on farms as a small child. We settled in Somers, planted many home gardens and raised our own chickens for the fresh eggs and poultry. After our busy week of school and work in Somers we would head out for the weekend to the Adirondack Mountains enjoying all that nature had to offer. We would go skiing, fishing, hiking, swimming, kayaking and practice yoga at the studio down the road. The 19 acre property with the yoga studio was being sold and I knew it would be a great opportunity for us. I had a vision to one day create and share a place that would provide the same breath of fresh air I was so grateful to have over the years. I like to call it jumping off the hamster wheel.

In 2015, we purchased what we now call The Divine Acres home to Yoga in the Adirondacks (YitA), where yoga embraces nature. The 1905 Farmhouse has been fully renovated. Our organic farm provides for our seasonal farm to table meals at our retreats.  We have chickens and ducks and sell our fresh organic eggs at the Divine Acres store. We have mapped out hiking trails for different levels throughout the property. I am a yoga instructor, having completed my 500 hour certification this Spring 2020 and a passionate essential oil enthusiast.

You really had an inkling - as you’ve said “the light bulb went on”…KT

Yes, it’s all the grace of God, listening to the opportunities. The timing was perfect as Patrick had just retired from working in Manhattan for over 25 years and our children are all adults.

Clearly you are motivated by dreams and are a Visionary, what do you see for the next 5-10 years…KT

We see incredible opportunities for growth. Our retreats, yoga classes, workshops and events will create opportunity for community health and wellness.

The Divine Acres, nestled in the beautiful Adirondacks State Park is a very special place of healing within the quiet and solitude of the Adirondack Mountains. We are working with wonderful facilitators Beth Mendoza of Evolution yoga by beth and Stacy Hendrie a nutritious delicious foods chef. Stacy prepares our farm to table meals and will also be teaching a healthy cooking class at our next January 12th, 2020 “Fall into Winter” Retreat. Patrick is the Property Manager and leads our retreat hikes. He will be demonstrating “How to make Maple Syrup” during our Spring Retreat March 27th-29th, 2020. In addition, we will be growing our facilitators directory and we encourage anyone who may desire to be a teacher of our community to attend one of our retreats. Our on-site store in the Farmhouse will continue to expand.

Patrick and I feel very blessed to have so much support from our family and friends during this time creating and building YitA at the Divine Acres.

I wanted to ask you as well about yoga beginners and novices. I went to your retreat as my first, not knowing what I signed up for.   What message would you give to other people who might be hesitant?...KT

Well I can relate, because I once was a hesitant participant as well. However, I chose not to let the “not knowing” stand in my way of a new experience. Letting go of my fears and opening up to new potential and opportunities within life. Showing up and being present is one of the greatest gifts I give myself. And always remembering growth can only be measured from where I’ve been. 

Well I can verify that I did not feel left behind in anyway. Even though I went in fearing that I would be the least qualified participant, it simply wasn’t true…the nature walks, the fire pit and the delicious foods and the conversations in-between felt like I had been away much longer then a weekend. For me I felt like I came back restored and can not exactly explain it. Even the eating healthy was a break from eating on the run…KT 

Thank you, Kathleen for sharing your experience. That is our mission to create an opportunity for people to be with themselves for a few days. Letting go of worries, concerns, and responsibilities for a moment in time while enjoying nature.

The experience you’ve created is priceless…KT

Visit us at: www.yogaintheadirondacks.com and join our community of health and wellness.





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