Reading like a Leader

Successful leaders are readers.  And they don’t read just anything, and most of them don’t read to be entertained.  They make it a habit of reading something educational or self-improvement books.  According to Inc. magazine, Warren Buffet reads a minimum of 500 pages a day; Bill Gates reads 50 books a year (that’s a book a week).  Business Insider reports that Oprah Winfrey practices the “5 Hour Rule”, spend one hour a day, 5 days per week on learning.  She focuses on reading. 

5 ways to make reading your daily habit:

  1. Read at lunch in place of going out to eat or start a book club at your office.
  2. Bring a book with you to an appointment outside the office–read while you are waiting (Keep a book or your tablet in the car).
  3. Set a timer for reading time. Start with 15 or 30 minutes and work up to an hour.
  4. Listen to books in the car, train or anytime you are traveling.
  5. Read before bed. Great opportunity to relax while learning

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