"The Cube" Game Show now Casting

Have you ever wanted to be on game show? Have you ever watched a game show and thought, I (we) can do so mush better? Can you work together to take on the ultimate gameshow challenge? Now's your chance.

Gane Show Casting is now casting a gameshow like no other!  

THE CUBE is looking for TEAMS OF TWO from the same household (spouses, parent/child, siblings, roommates, etc.) with a mix of abilities and personalities that will be put to the test!

Can you and your teammate beat THE CUBE?

THE CUBE will send you and your teammate on a series of PHYSICAL & MENTAL challenges for the chance to win a LIFE CHANGING AMOUNT OF MONEY!

Apply today at... thecubegameshow.tv

We also highly recommend either watching some clips of the show that can be found online or clicking on the following link to check out a sizzle of the show.

Apply now for THE CUBE - SIZZLE by clicking here and using the Password: casting