Food Changes Everything Workshop

 Come to the Kent Library, Monday, October 16th from _6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m  For "Food Changes Everything" Workshop.  The workshop is presented by author and speaker,  Shanti Urreta and Executive Chef, Ken Goldfarb., both of whom are Nutrition Health Coaches.  They will discuss the newest in 21st century disease prevention. Your food choices are the single most important factor in determining your long term health. Learn why!

 Shanti Urreta is a retired teacher turned author and Health Coach.  After a diagnosis of blood cancer, she became intent on feeding her body well. Her book, “Dear World, See What I See” is her journey on this path. With the many benefits that Shanti found through eating well, she became certified in plant based nutrition and as an Integrative Health Coach.  Her mission is to  share health with others, not only for their own health, but for the health of animals and the planet.

 Kenneth Goldfarb began his career as a chef in Manhattan.  He has spent decades bringing New American culinary flare to upscale restaurants and private clients in the metropolitan area.  His culinary endeavors have received glowing  reviews in magazines like Gourmet.  He has also been practicing healthy living for over 20 years. His journey to health started with a problematic episode of intestinal permeability as a young adult. He focuses on plant-based , Whole Foods, innovative cooking techniques, exercise and meditation.He understands how the body can be primed to heal itself, when it is given the essential minerals, nutrients and of course, a positive outlook. His mission is to empower people to achieve their most vibrant state of health.   Program is for Adults. Registration is required. 

You may register for the program by going to www.kentlibrary.org or calling the Kent Public Library at 845-225-8585.  The library is located at 17 Sybil's Crossing, Kent Lakes, NY 10512.


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