Four Seasons Therapy Opens Counseling Practice

Four Seasons Therapy, a well-established counseling practice in Bridgeport, has opened a second office in the heart of Sherman. Their expansion plan is to service residents in surrounding Connecticut and New York towns.

Located at 1 Route 37 East, #6, on the second floor of the white colonial shopping center, the comfortable and inviting 800-square-foot space was chosen for its central location.

Fritz Maignan, founder and executive director, said, “my decision to open a new Four Seasons Therapy location just made sense to me. We will be serving an underserved region where there’s a shortage of licensed professional counselors that can provide counseling and mental health services.”

He added, “people in crisis need immediate help. They shouldn’t have to wait several weeks to schedule an appointment or travel far to be seen by a professional.”

Once the one-year lease was signed, Maignan and his fiancé began renovating the interior of the space, owned by McCluskey Family Partnership. They hand-painted artwork on the walls and added bright colors to make the few private rooms and large meeting area for group sessions nice for their clients. Just two months later, the doors opened for business.

Maignan, a Sherman resident for over two years, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Albertus Magnus and a master’s degree in counseling from Southern Connecticut State University. He has been a counselor for 17 years and has owned his thriving practice for eight years.

“I counsel individuals, couples, and families who need to be in a healthier state of mind and help many of them to deal better with depression, anxiety, family challenges, healthy boundary setting, anger management, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence,” he said.

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