Mother's Day Tea at the Early Childhood Learning Center at St Lawrence

On Friday, May 10, 2019, the Early Childhood Learning Center at St Lawrence  hosted its annual Mother’s Day Tea.  All of the PreK 3 and PreK 4 students honored their mothers or special someones by serving delicious flavored teas and treats during the delightful morning event. 

Staff and students began preparing for this event months in advance.  Carol Fisher, our Spanish teacher, shopped all year round to gather enough cups and saucers for each and every special guest.  She very generously gifts each set every year.  Students worked on crafting place settings, cards, stories and poems for their moms.  Our teachers dedicated themselves to brewing the perfect cups of tea, baking the delicious sweets and creating the ambiance of an ideal high tea setting for the guests of honor with beautiful decorations.  

The mothers and special someones got to listen to a story told and a song sung.  They were presented with gift bags from their children filled with tributes and artwork especially made for them.  They were served tea and treats while enjoying quality time with their little ones.  

It was a beautiful way to celebrate Mother’s Day!


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