Sophia Natural Health Center is now seeing patients in office.

Are you looking to return to natural therapy? Are you looking for a better way to manage your pain, stress or anxiety? Integrative Natural Medicine and Acupuncture from Sophia Natural Health Center can help!

At SOPHIA, we evaluate each person individually and base your treatment points off of your personal history and symptoms. Effective acupuncture sessions come from understanding that every individual is unique and so are their needs.

The best part is that acupuncture treatments are safenaturaleffective and drug-freeTreatments are painless and gentle.

Scheduling an Appointment with SOPHIA

SOPHIA is continuing to maintain our office as a safe place of health. For patients, we are using different types of evaluation and treatment options.

First: Schedule a Virtual Consultation

If you are seeking treatment, you can start off with a virtual consultation regarding your health concerns at no charge.

Second: Receive Care

If you qualify during your evaluation, you are able to come into the office for an exam and treatment. Or, you can utilize virtual telemedicine evaluation and care in the meantime.

 If you are interested in our Natural Medicine services or would like to schedule a consultation, please reach out to us today!

Call Today: (203) 587-8527 / Learn about Acupuncture


Sophia is also excited to offer COVID-19 Antibody Testing at our office in Brookfield. The total package, including a 15-20 minute immune boosting consult (complimentary) will be $150.
Many of you may have heard that antibody testing is not completely reliable at this time. This is mainly due to the FDA not having time to screen and approve this much needed test. In an unusual but necessary move the FDA has allowed labs to develop antibody tests and offer them to the public in order to help individuals better understand their exposure history and possible susceptibility to a future infection.
We chose the Boston Heart antibody test** created by Diazyme Lab, because it has been validated against cross reactions with other common viruses, including other common corona viruses. That means this test has proven that it is very specific and sensitive for antibodies to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
Basically, it is the best test currently out there.
How Do I Get This Test?
Make an appointment with our front desk by calling: 203-587-8527
When Can I Get the Test?
Our lab will be open on Wednesdays.


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