Community Connection Program 2015-2016 Graduation!

Community Connection offers free adult ESL for varying levels as well as a children's program at the Brewster Library to provide parents with a safe alternative for their children while they learn. The program is free! No previous experience is necessary.

Wednesday, May 4th, the Community Connection Program held their graduation!

The ESL students thank: Judith Marano, Paula Soledad Mora, Edwin Alvarez, Cristina Leggett, Nora Roberto and Elaine Joiner.... Thanks for devoting your time volunteering at The Studio Around The Corner. You made such a difference for each student while influencing their lives enormously!

To the Brewster Library and all those who visited the children and adults program: Luis A. Torres, Peter Brewster Hansen, Putnam Sheriff's Deputy Schmidt, Seven Star School of Performing Arts, South Eastmuseum Vilma Velez, Wilfredo Morel-Steel Imaginations, Eric Gross, Dr. Karin Brenner and Dr. Raymond--Muchas Gracias!

Have a great summer off!

PS. We hope to see you soon at the "Language Exchange" sessions. More info. coming soon. Tel: 845-225-5263



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