NYC Professional Choreographer offers Hip-Hop Dancers Music Video Opportunity

Hip-Hop Teacher and Professional Choreographer Jona Biddle is bringing his music video series to Seven Star School of Performing Arts!

This Jona Show was created to give young dancers an outlet to enhance their craft and show them what it takes to create a video. This series also helps young dancers who are trying to get into the commercial dance world and want to be challenged. 

Children 9 and older with two or more years of hip-hop experience are invited to partake in Mr. Jona’s anti-bullying music video on Sunday, February 12! Cost is $90 to participate and will run from 12-7pm, with choreography session first followed by the actual filming.

The registration deadline for this awesome opportunity is February 6th. Limited slots are available.

You can register by calling the studio (845-278-0728) or visiting Seven Star School of Performing Arts at 509 Route 312 in Brewster.

For more information about Seven Star School of Performing Arts visit www.SevenStarSchool.com.



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