3 Buck Thursdays at Brewster Peachwave


3-buck Thursdays are coming back to Peachwave in Brewster for another 8 week run starting this Thursday, November 30th

Fill your cup with your choice of delicious, freshly made and healthy frozen yogurt or ice cream plus toppings, for just $3.00!!!
There's no better deal anywhere!

14 flavors of no fat, low fat, no sugar, or dairy free options...
With over 60 fresh fruit and fun toppings to choose from.

Vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, cookies & cream, white chocolate, coffee, orange, raspberry, pistachio, pumpkin pie, tart, white cake batter, coconut and cotton candy!!

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or discount...including birthday discounts or rewards credits.

Only available at:
Peachwave Self Serve Frozen Yogurt & Gelato
Acme Shopping Center, Lakeview Plaza
1511 Route 22
Brewster, NY 10509
(845) 302-2140


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