A Message from Brewster's Board of Education

On behalf of the Brewster Board of Education, I would like to thank Glenn Niles for his service as a Board Trustee for the past three years and for his unwavering commitment to the Brewster Community. With Mr. Niles' permission, I can share that the Board offered him the seat left vacant by Ms. Berardi's resignation and he respectfully declined. The Board will be holding a work session soon to discuss what our next steps will be. I would like to also share his words from last night's Board meeting.

-Sonia Mesika

"It was three years ago that I made the decision to step up and become a Board of Education Trustee for the Brewster Community. It has been an amazing experience and a wonderful opportunity to be part of the decision-making team that helps shape and mold the educational lives of the children in Brewster. I’ve dedicated my time while having a fulltime job, coaching 4 teams and waking up at 4:30am during the week to train young athletes at the local gym. I know what you are thinking, “How does he find the time?” Simple, when your heart is in it for all the right reasons it’s not looked upon as work but rather as enjoyment. At this time, I would like to thank my fellow trustees that I served with in my three years as well as the current and previous Administrative team. A special thank you to Sonia Mesika for her guidance and leadership as our Board President.

On Wednesday, June 17th, 2020, the Brewster community spoke loud and clear, and it will be a day that I will remember. As a community we have a lot of work ahead of us as it relates to diversity, racial inequalities and equity. I feel it’s the biggest challenge that will prevent this community from moving forward; it must be addressed. How do we start having the uncomfortable conversations? How do we support our students of color? What changes can we address that will bring immediate impact? The divide in the community may be difficult to mend, but with desire, commitment, and courageous dialogue, it is possible. Just look at the amazing students who were and continue to be empowered to take a stand against racism; that is inspiring! I implore the Board and district leadership to support staff, students, and families by providing the necessary resources and tools that will allow us to bring about much needed, long overdue change. I feel wholeheartedly that we need to do better going forward; we owe it to our children — ALL of our children. 

My work is not done, the only difference is I will be speaking from a different platform. I will actively support the district’s endeavor as well as those in the community who want to discuss this sensitive matter of race. I hope the board will continue to listen to the voice of every child and empower them to advocate for what is right. Thank you for your support and to all those who voted for me. I will forever be grateful."


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