And the "I Voted" Sticker Winner Is....

More than 18,000 New Yorkers cast their votes in our Suffrage Centennial "I Voted" Sticker Competition to select this year's Election Day sticker. The new sticker will celebrate 100 years of women’s suffrage in New York State. The results are in and the winner is:

The sticker features New York suffragist "General" Rosalie Jones. In December 1912, Jones led a group on a 150 mile-long hike, on foot, from New York City to Albany to present a petition to Governor-elect William Sulzer, a suffrage supporter. Less than five years later, New York State signed women’s suffrage into law, giving women the right to vote three years before the United States passed the 19th Amendment.

Help us continue our tribute to suffragettes like General Jones by voting this Election Day, November 7, 2017. Make sure you’re registered to vote by October 13.

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You can pick up your official “I Voted” sticker at your polling location on Election Day. We hope to see you proudly wearing your “I Voted” sticker and celebrating women's suffrage on November 7!