County Dept. of Health Public Facebook Statement Regarding Disclosure of Personal Information

The following is a statement posted by the Putnam County Department of Health on their Facebook Page yesterday, March 25th, at approximately 1:00 pm.


We’re hearing your questions about where COVID-19 has been found in Putnam County.

Over the weekend we reached out to New York State Department Of Health to be able to share that we have cases in all of our towns. We understand that you want to know the breakdown by town, but we cannot share that information yet. As with any communicable disease, there are many things we are not allowed to report in order to protect our residents’ anonymity. When we can share this information with you, we will.

Having this information will not change the way we should be behaving now. We need to focus on what we can do to slow the spread and protect ourselves and our community: Stay home, keep your distance when you must go out and help flatten the curve.



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