Putnam Vaccine Implementation Continues: Third Closed POD Held for Law Enforcement and School Districts

300 vaccines released to PCDOH from NYS on January 12

308 first doses administered on January 14 at a third closed POD, for 1a and 1b recipients (recipients included group homes, police, fire companies and school districts)

Groups and date for next clinic to be announced when vaccine shipment and guidelines are released from NYS


 The Putnam County Department of Health held its third closed point-of-dispensing, known as a “POD” clinic, and administered 308 vaccines to newly eligible Putnam residents and others who work in the County, as phase 1b implementation got underway here. This new group included police, fire fighters and school districts.

Rigid guidelines set by the state dictate who the health department may vaccinate. The health department shares this responsibility with other area providers including pharmacies and Putnam Hospital Center as well as the New York State run POD at Westchester County Center.

The health department expects to be scheduling a future clinic soon, however none are scheduled at this time. Scheduling can change quickly, and a POD may still be announced for next week. This flexibility is necessary because the health department only learns from NYS how much vaccine they will receive, and what new groups, if any, are eligible for a first dose, with less than one week’s notice. When a County POD is scheduled, a link will be sent directly to specific organizations or shared on the health department website as appropriate. Vaccine also may be available from a NYS vaccination site. Information and appointments at these large state-run sites, such as the Westchester County Center, can be found here: https://am-i-eligible.covid19vaccine.health.ny.gov/

The NYS phased distribution and eligible groups for in Phase 1a and 1b are described here: https://covid19vaccine.health.ny.gov/phased-distribution-vaccine



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