Sheriff's Office using robo-calls to notify residents of criminal activity

The Putnam County Sheriff’s office would like residents to know, that in conjunction  with the county’s 911 system, they have been notifying residents of recent criminal activity in the Towns of Patterson and Southeast. The Sheriffs office has also been receiving calls from residents regarding the validity of the automated calls as some residents believe it being done by scammers. The Putnam County Sheriff’s office would like residents to know that is not the case.

 The Sheriff’s Office reports that there has been several reports of vehicle thefts and break ins of vehicles while they were parked in the owners driveways. These instances have been happening very late at night and usually in the midnight to three a.m. time range. 

 Social media posters in recent weeks have advised that their vehicles have been broken into and that their ring doorbell cameras have caught images of the thieves in the act but they are very adept at concealing their identities and so far no one has been able to identify a vehicle they might be using in the commission of these crimes. Protect your vehicle and your valuables by following these simple tips

  1. Lock the doors and roll up the windows.
  2. Take your valuables inside or put them in the trunk or glove compartment.
  3. Park in your garage whenever possible.
  4. Use a locking gas cap to prevent gas siphoning.
  5. NEVER leave your keys in the ignition or in the vehicle.
  6. Use perimeter alarms on your home security system.
  7. Us emotion sensor lights.
  8. If you can’t use your garage, park as close to the house as possible or in an area out in the open to deter thieves.
  9. Park the vehicle in front of a large window if possible or where you can easily see the vehicle from inside your residence.
  10. Use your vehicles Anti-Theft alarm, if equipped is equipped with one.

If your vehicle is stolen or broken into, immediately notify your local Police or Sheriff’s Department


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