Bridgeport Rescue Mission Mothers with Children Floor Inauguration on May 18

Bridgeport Rescue Mission will inaugurate the Mothers with Children Floor and re-launch the Renewed Life Program in our new Community Care Center on 725 Park Avenue, Bridgeport. Residents will be moved into bedrooms on the second floor of the Care Center with 12 bedrooms capable of accommodating 48 women and children. This program will be a revamped and expanded version of our previous Guest House with a significant capacity increase from the old location.

The Renewed Life Program will maintain the same goals as the Guest House which include focusing on helping homeless mothers and their children achieve long-term stability. The goal of our comprehensive program is to help mothers transition to independence and gain long-term economic stability by helping them address past traumas, secure childcare, participate in parenting and life-skills classes, complete their GED, and set/obtain educational and certification goals. Our ultimate goal is for mothers to take responsibility for their lives and their children’s futures.

The Renewed Life Program will be the next evolution of the Guest House, which was established in 2013 as an emergency shelter and was expanded to a long-term trauma and transitional recovery program in 2016. The Renewed Life Program will serve homeless mothers with young children under 10. Applicants for the program will include referrals from various local social agencies - like the YMCA with which we began a new partnership - and by word of mouth. One of the biggest additions to the Renewed Life Program is the Learning Center which will be featured on the same floor as the women’s and children’s bedrooms.

The Learning Center will be complete with laptops and a smartboard and will hold regular classes for mothers to learn valuable skills. There will also be case management and counseling offices throughout the floor where mothers and children can meet with professionals to work on their specific challenges. While mothers are engaged in their classwork, children will attend a local daycare program where they will quickly develop a sense of security through daily routines.

For more information about this event please contact Lisa Chester at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (203) 333-4087 (Ext. 118).

For more information, visit www.BridgeportRescueMission.org


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