Connecticut resident Lorie Lewis starts nationwide art movement to end gun violence and inspire peace

Artists 4 Peace, a grassroots coalition of artists for gun safety formed in response to the Uvalde tragedy, announces the launch of its first national art project. Wings 4 Peace launched nationwide on July 24th and continues through October 24, 2022.

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Wings4Peace is an open invitation for artists, non-artists, kids, students, teachers, adults, builders, artisans, & activists to participate in a nationwide movement to end gun violence and inspire peace. Participants will create several pieces of wing-themed art and share each piece in coordination with other artists and creators around the nation in public spaces over the course of four months.

There are two main components to the project: 1) an art piece that will evolve over the course of months and 2) an incorporated message about gun violence that is revealed one word at a time. The first mission asks participants to create artistic renderings of wings, add the first word: ‘PEACE’ to their wings, and place their creation outside in public in the late night of July 23rd, so that people wake up to wings everywhere on July 24th (the anniversary of the Uvalde shooting). They will post photos and pics on Instagram at wings_4peace with hashtags #wings4peace and #artistsforpeace.

Lorie Lewis, Director of Wings 4 Peace states, “We started on July 24th, but anyone can jump into the project any time now through October. There will be a total of four sets of wings with a message that builds over the months. We believe in the power of creativity and the power of unity. We believe that everyone deserves to be seen and heard. We want everyone to join hands & show the world what collective creative energy can do! This initiative is just the beginning. It's how we plan to pull together the nation's creativity, spark action, and enhance community wellbeing.”

Lewis is an arts manager/marketer from Milford CT. The Uvalde shooting was at a breaking point for her, and the result was a message to David Hogg of March for our Lives. Lewis told Hogg that she wanted to use the power of the arts to help end gun violence and inspire peace. He asked her to put a plan together and send it to him.

With the seed of an idea for wing art from Lewis’s partner in the arts, Paige Miglio (E.D. of Milford Arts Council in CT), Lewis created a three-phase creative plan. Once the plan was reviewed, Hogg connected Lewis with Gracie Lee Pekrul of Artists 4 Peace and the collaborative journey began. Hogg and Pekrul formed Artists for Peace with a mission to bring creatives together to amplify one another's work and collaborate on pro-peace projects that generate conversation about gun violence.

The Wings 4 Peace project (phase one) offers simple assignments over time to spread wings far and wide to inspire change. The art and message will evolve over the months with the full message and works of art revealed on October 24.

“Ending gun violence is possible, but it takes all of us,” says Pekrul. “We need everyone’s vision and voice now more than ever. We want to turn our anger into action and demand the peace and safety we deserve. We want to match the senseless hate in our country with the power of creativity and unity. Wings are a symbol of safety, freedom, & new directions.''

The first mission for participants of the Wings 4 Peace movement is to create an artistic rendering of wings with the word PEACE prominently displayed, then place the wings outside in public view on July 23rd (late night) or the earliest morning of July 24th, so that communities wake up to wings everywhere. The interpretation of wings can be as big as a mural on a building or as small as a painted rock. Some suggestions for art include posters, sculptures, billboards, painted rocks, and even 3-D prints.

Ideas for spaces and structures include trees, ladders, poles, fences, bridges, windows, yards, sidewalks, rocks, t shirts, and stickers. Participants are encouraged to find a tall or wide space that will fit the final product, building a four-part message over time. There are options to participate over social media if public presence is not an option.

Westport, CT Artivist, Darcy Hicks declares, “We need to keep gun violence on the top of America’s conscience with our paintbrushes, hammers, nails, and creative ideas! We are not going away. We will be seen. We will be heard. We will join hands and inspire change. This issue of safety and peace is too important to ignore, and everyone needs to be part of the solution.”

Wings 4 Peace wishes to thank the team of artists, activists, graphic designers, and marketers who prepared and planned for the launch. Special thanks to Darcy Hicks, Peter Propp, Paul Livornese, and Erin Whitten.

Post images, share stories, add time lapse videos, and more on Instagram. Use the hashtags #artistsforpeace and #wings4peace and tag artists_4peace and wings_4peace

Questions? Contact Lorie Lewis, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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