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Why Small Businesses Matter

Shop small, do big things for your community

Why Small Businesses Matter puts a spotlight on the local merchants who donate their time, talent, goods, and services for the betterment of our community. The shop local movement spreads virally as local businesses who are “tagged” have the opportunity to share their story!

You're IT Strength & Health!

Three questions with Tara Coppola, founder of Strength & Health.

Why did you start your business?

I began Strength & Health, LLC (formerly TLC Vitality) as a way to help others become more autonomous in their health and wellbeing. During my studies, I learned we have much more power in our health than we are led to believe. My purpose was to create a business where I could teach my clients how to take charge of their health through nutrition and lifestyle decisions.

Nutrition is one of the biggest factors in our health and I want to help my clients obtain the quality of health they desire.

What is your best-selling product/service?

The best selling service we offer is our nutrition consultations, which can be scheduled on DrCoppola.Health. During these consultations, I meet one-on-one (virtually) with clients to discuss their health and goals.

These consultations embody the holistic nature our bodies need to be supported into healing. As a naturopathically trained nutritionist, I bring a unique perspective of how our individual bodies respond to the nutrients we consume.

Have you "reimagined" your small business?

Strength & Health, LLC is an "online-only" nutrition business going through a "reimagining" growth process. Our business is branching off to host a platform for free nutrition and health information. The goal of this new platform is to teach as many as we can about the dynamic integration of nutrition and health.

Once the education platform has taken form, Strength & Health, LLC will begin its brick-and-mortar growth. In the future, we are looking to build a multi-practitioner holistic healing and fitness facility with services to help all aspects of our health.

Visit Strength & Health online here, and make sure to check out their Facebook page as well!

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