The Old House Bridgeport

In the 1900’s Bridgeport looked a lot different I couldn't help but think about that when I passed the renovation taking place at 2671 Main Street. The building was constructed in 1914. Take a look here for an idea of what Bridgeport looked like during the early years. 

Toni’s Construction is doing the remodeling for the longest time 2671 Main Street didn’t have a retaining wall out front, well all of that is about to change.  

Bridgeport is located in Fairfield County in the southern part of the state on the Long Island Sound. It is Connecticut’s most populated city.  It was settled in the mid-17th century as part of the township of Stratford. Bridgeport was incorporated as a town in 1821 and a city in 1836. 

During the early days, the settlers farmed, fished and,  soon took advantage of their location on Black Rock Harbor.  Bridgeport shifted from an agrarian community to a mercantile and manufacturing hub.  The city became a booming industrial center and produced everything from sewing machines to ammunition when the railroad opened in 1840.

We spoke with Toni about the project and the work he’s doing to preserve the history of our City, Toni has been in the construction business for over 15 years.  Seeing the care with which they were laying the bricks for the retaining wall reminded me of my time working with my father on Saturday mornings in Brooklyn.  

Working with my dad equipped me with valuable skills that came in handy when I was laid off, those skills provided me with a way to provide for my family. When I became a homeowner those handyman skills helped me save on repairs around the house.


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