RVNAhealth Needs Our Help and Support!

As of yesterday, Connecticut has over 1,000 diagnosed cases of COVID-19, 60% within Fairfield County. This number is forecast to double every day for the next three weeks.  

Local hospitals are discharging patients to make room for those with critical needs. These are patients with COVID-19, as well as other complications. As their partner, RVNAhealth is accepting the care for these patients – going into their homes, providing medical care, keeping them safe.

Please donate to RVNAhealth to ensure patients' safety and protect our caregivers who are entering homes and assisted living facilities.  

Because of your quick response to our last appeal, we were able to purchase PPE (personal protective equipment) so desperately needed. Our clinicians are working around the clock – literally. And your support is making this possible.

However, there continues to be a shortage of masks and gowns, and prices have skyrocketed. We are purchasing PPE at an unprecedented cost. We have no choice.  

Your help is still needed, and we hope you can make a gift to RVNAhealth. At today’s rate, it costs $65 to outfit one nurse – for a single visit to a COVID-19 patient. 

As we deal with the financial burden of overpriced medical supplies, and our clinicians carry more patients and work more hours than normally required, our resources are stretched. We cannot handle this crisis without your continued support. Can you help?

The work we are doing is making a difference. And we are asking for your help to continue.

Please donate to RVNAhealth


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