The Brookfield Library Announces You Are Not Alone a Holiday Presentation on December 14

You Are Not Alone a Holiday Presentation by Sydney Sherman on December 14, 6 - 7:30 pm on Zoom

Missing a loved one during the Holidays? Why settle for just memories! The loss of a loved one is felt everyday of the year. And it’s hard. But holidays tend to make it even harder. Even unbearable. But does it have to be? 

Based upon Sydney Sherman’s first book “You Are Not Alone” and her numerous workshops, she has learned that coping is different for everyone. But what most people have in common is the deep feelings of loss and family during the holiday season. When people have the knowledge of what comes after this life, the new form their loved ones take, the reason they are here and how each of us can connect with them….it does help. 

This presentation will focus on all of that. Step by step with easy and scientific explanations for how it all works. Most people do not realize how special holidays and celebrations invoke responses from our loved ones. And if recognized, offer a much needed comfort.

We will discuss how items our loved ones used for a special holiday, or their favorite dish, a song, a silly joke or phrase, even an extra chair and place settings may be all you need to start the connection. And there is no better gift than that. 

Registration is required. Click HERE to register.


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