Brookfield Residents Compete in Kratos Gymnasts Make A Wish Invitational

On Sunday, February 16th competitive gymnasts of Kratos Gymnastics located in Bethel, CT participated alongside gymnasts from Delaware, New York, and New Jersey in the 5th Annual Make-A-Wish Invitational located at the iPlay American Center in Freehold, NJ. 

Gymnasts representing Kratos ranged in age from 5-14 years of age competing in USAG Junior Olympic levels 2, 3, & 4 as well as USAG Xcel levels Bronze, Silver, & Gold. 

In addition to individual accomplishments made in each level, the Xcel Silver team (Olivia Czupkowski 12yr, Olivia Feliz 13yr, Lucia Holmberg 10yr, Zoe King 11yr, Bianca Sousa 10yr, Alexia Suter 11yr, Caitlin Riina 11yr, Maya Wood 14yr) earned 1st place as a team!

Individual Awards Received: 

Level 2:

  • Madison Schlesinger (5yr) New Milford, CT: Bars 2nd, Beam 2nd, & All-Around 3rd 

Level 3:

  • Genesis Valerio (8yr) Danbury, CT & Logan King (7yr) Bethel, CT both displayed great gymnastics improving towards their goals!

Level 4: 

  • Lydia Hodge (7yr) Danbury, CT: Beam 1st, Floor 1st, & All-Around 3rd

Xcel Bronze: 

  • Hailey Bento (8yr) Sandy Hook, CT: 5th All-Around
  • Veronica Benvenuto (13yr) Brewster, NY: 3rd All-Around
  • Zoe Daoust (8yr) Bethel, CT: Floor 3rd & All-Around 4th
  • Julianna Indiviglio (7yr) Newtown, CT: Bars 4th & All-Around 4th
  • Ziva Mathivanan (7yr) Bethel, CT: Vault 2nd, Beam 4th, All-Around 5th
  • Ryleighann Montes (9yr) Brookfield, CT: Vault 1st, Beam 2nd, All-Around 2nd
  • Stella Moody (7yr) Danbury, CT: Vault 1st, All-Around 7th
  • Anabela Silva (9yr) New Fairfield, CT: Bars 1st, Floor 2nd, All-Around 4th
  • Brooklynn Swartz (7yr) New Milford, CT: Vault 4th, Bars 3rd, Beam 3rd, Floor 3rd, & All-Around 3rd
  • Madison Thibodeau (9yr) Danbury, CT: Vault 2nd, Bars 1st, Beam 1st, Floor 1st, All-Around 1st

Xcel Silver: 

*Olivia Czupkowski (12yr) Danbury, CT: Bars 3rd, Beam 1st, Floor 1st, All-Around 2nd

*Olivia Feliz (13yr) Brookfield, CT: Vault 1st, Bars 4th, Beam 3rd, All-Around 3rd

*Lucia Holmberg (10yr) Brookfield, CT: Vault 2nd, Beam 2nd, Floor 2nd, All-Around 2nd

*Zoe King (10yr) Bethel, CT: Vault 3rd, Bars 1st, Floor 3rd, All-Around 4th

*Caitlin Riina (11yr) New Fairfield, CT: All-Around 6th

*Alexia Suter (11yr) Ridgefield, CT: Vault 2nd, Bars 1st, Beam 2nd, Floor 4th, All-Around 1st

  • Maya Wood (14yr) Danbury, CT: Vault 4th, Beam 4th, All-Around 5th
  • Bianca Sousa (10yr) Danbury, CT: Vault 1st, Bars 1st, Beam 1st, Floor 1st, All-Around 1st - Bianca also received a special award for earning the highest All-Around Score of the entire session. 

Xcel Gold:

* Corah House (14yr) Danbury, CT: Bars 3rd, Beam 2nd, Floor 2nd, All-Around 2nd

(Sorry for the the bullet indentation would you be able to correct that). 


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