Brookfield has 45 confirmed cases of COVID-19

Brookfield has 45 confirmed cases of COVID-19
We will no longer list the age range and sex of affected residents because our Director of Public Health tells us that the virus is affecting all age groups and sexes.
Welcome news is that CT ranks 44th on the lists of deaths per capita (No 1 being worst). This is in large part due to the skills of our healthcare workers in CT.
A person who has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus was in Town Hall. With an abundance of caution and after discussing with the Director of Public Health, Town Hall will be closed next week to comply with the recommended 14-day isolation period.
We will be hiring a company to thoroughly clean the building early next week. Experts tell us that the virus does not live on surfaces longer than three days. Even though we have been cleaning the building daily, we want to keep our employees and the public safe with this additional cleaning.
Staff will be working from home, but will respond to calls and emails daily. We will bring staff back to their offices starting April 6.
The American Red Cross has had to cancel over 40 blood drives in the state due to the virus. Greg Dembowski, Community Development Manager and John Barile, Superintendent of Schools, and his team, developed a way to safely conduct a blood drive. We ask all healthy residents consider donating, because there is a great need. We will post information about the drive at the town website with links to ARC next week.
There are too many people using the Greenway to practice safe physical distancing, so we have closed it until further notice. We encourage you, in small family groups, to hike Gurski Farm, Happy Landings, Burr Farm and the Brookfield Open Spaces Legacy properties.
Working with Superintendent Barile and Rosa Fernandes, Chairman of the Board of Education, and under the guidance and support of the State Commissioner of Education, the school system has donated numerous supplies our first responders need. The town has supplies on order, but some are delayed. We will return the supplies to the schools as soon as possible.
Brookfield is a great town and emergencies like this demonstrate why people love to live here. We take care of our own, work as a team, and fully support our police, fire, EMS and other volunteer groups fully.
We have to make sure we are doing everything we can as a community to stop this pandemic. We can do that if each one of you, and your families, stay home and is extremely careful in public.
We ask that you do not go to our parks. We need every resident to leave the house only if absolutely necessary, to practice physical distancing at all times, and to wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds.
Remember that a very large percentage of those who have the virus have no symptoms and unwittingly may spread the virus. Here’s how you can help your fellow residents, many of whom are in the most vulnerable categories. Treat every encounter as meeting someone with the virus. Only in doing this can we successfully slow the spread of the disease.
When you shop, please do so by yourself, if possible. Do not allow your children to congregate in large groups, attend parties or sleepovers -- any activity that will bring children together.


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